Our leader – Karl Saint Ange

The myth, the legend, the paradox.

This blog looks to cover some of the accomplishments and ideals of iSurf ‘s leader in Seychelles Mr Karl Saint Ange.

You may have heard great tales of Karl St Ange from the Seychelles, the man many dub the king of La Digue.

As a Seychellios (a native if you will) but having lived throughout the globe our Mr St Ange speaks at least 6 languages with a flare and style that would make him a local in any of those settings. French that’ll make you weak at the knees and a reasonable grasp of English the communication of this man is not bound by time, place and circumstance.

It was at the 6 star Luxury Resort on Mahe island, Seychelles at the prestigious Maia Resort where he was most recently directing his energy, anyone that is familiar with Maia Resort would agree that there are few options from there that appeal to most.

In steps iSurf Seychelles, a dynamic, learning and growing company on the cusp, we found ourselves in a place where we needed to find staff that met a growing and varied skill set, a man that had a way with both young and old, a sceptre of peace in a wild landscape, that was the point where our interest met, his gaze was captured and the deal was done.

Having surfed his way around Indonesia and Australia over 2018 Karl’s steady hand has been guiding the ship at Kempinski Seychelles Resort at iSurf head office for the majority of this year. Long may he reign.

Finding time…

Life is short and time is valuable – and I am sure we are all aware of the saying ‘time is money’ – well not for us. Time is infinitely more important than that, how we spend our time ends up being our life.

What life do you want to have lived?

What experiences will define you and how you’ll be remembered? Let yourself be led by whatever puts the biggest, radiant smile on your face – that means finding the time to do what is most important to you and living a ‘good’ life whatever you define that to be.

For some of us that smile is found in the water or lying on the beach pondering life.

Come join us…