What to pack when travelling to Seychelles

What to pack when travelling to Seychelles ?

So here I am hoping to shed some light on the often asked question ‘what to pack when travelling to Seychelles’

The opening question that comes to mind is that depends what it is you are doing i.e surfing, diving, island hopping or simple beach time but there remain a few items that should be packed no matter the type of Seychelles adventure you are on.

What you will encounter regardless is hot, humid weather. When the sun is shining it can be very warm and the glare strong from the surrounding waters. Rain can be sporadic and heavy as is customary in Tropical climates.

Travelling light is an artform which I admire, so here is a basic list of items I think you would need on a 10 day trip to the Seychelles.

What to pack when travelling to Seychelles : the basics

  • Insect repellent / mosquito spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses x 2
  • Hat
  • Walking shoes if you plan on getting into the islands mountainous terrain
  • Swim wear and beach cover wear
  • Medications, allergy tabelts etc
  • Camera gear